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Upcoming Events

Fri, Nov 30th 9:30am
Holiday Singalong
Chick Fil A
3391 University Blvd
Winter Park, FL 32792
Price: Free
Sat, Dec 1st 10:30am
Musical Singalong
Barnes & Noble
7900 Sand Lake Rd
Orlando, FL 32819
Price: Free
Sun, Dec 2nd 3:00pm
Holiday Singalong
Tue, Dec 4th 10:00am
Holiday Singalong
St Luke's Methodist
Wed, Dec 5th 10:00am
Musical Singalong
GraceKids Academy

Ready to put your boogie shoes on?

Feel free to contact Mr Richard if you have any questions about events or booking.

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With sing-along tunes about fish, skunks, cool snakes and girl pilots,
Mr Richard plays music for hip kids.

Hot off the presses

Sun, Nov 18th 8:04pm

Happy Thanksgiving

Hoping everyone has a great Thanksgiving Day holiday!
Sun, Nov 18th 8:03pm

Holiday Singalong @ CFA

Mr Richard will be singing your yuletide faves Friday, November 30 @ 9:30am @ Chick Fil A, corner of University & Forsyth in Winter Park (across from Full Sail)--Dine and Dance!
Sun, Aug 13th 5:26am

New Song--Free Download!

Download new song "Tessa" from Mr Richard & the Pound Hounds FREE by clicking here. There are lots of songs about cowboys but Tessa is a cowgirl from Odessa, Texas. Giddyup!
Sat, Mar 25th 9:09pm

Watch Mr Richard on PBS Kids

Local PBS station WUCF-TV is featuring Mr Richard on PBS Kids with 10 new tunes! The short video segments air between programming during the day, but don't blink--you might miss 'em.
Sat, Oct 24th 7:50am

Mr Richard On Pandora Radio

Make your own "Mr Richard" station on Pandora! That's right: Pandora has a "Family" genre, so just enter "Mr Richard" or "Mr Richard and the Pound Hounds" (the word "Family"or "Children" will appear in parentheses) and you're all set. Not only will you hear Mr Richard tunes every so often, but Pandora will also play songs by other kids' artists that you might like! Mr Richard songs are also on Spotify, just FYI.