Photo Credit: Steve Simoneau

Upcoming Events

Fri, Jun 22nd 2:00pm
Libraries Rock!
Boca Raton Library
400 NW 2nd Ave
Boca Raton, FL 33432
Price: Free
Fri, Jun 22nd 3:30pm
Libraries Rock!
Boca Raton Library
400 NW 2nd Ave
Boca Raton, FL 33432
Price: Free
Sat, Jun 23rd 2:00pm
Birthday Party
Mon, Jun 25th 2:00pm
Libraries Rock!
Leggett Public Library
226 A Robert Blount Dr
Bassfield, MS 39421
Price: Free
Tue, Jun 26th 10:30am
Musical Singalong
George Allen Library
500 West Church St
Booneville, MS 38829
Price: Free

Ready to put your boogie shoes on?

Feel free to contact Mr Richard if you have any questions about events or booking.

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With sing-along tunes about fish, skunks, cool snakes and girl pilots,
Mr Richard plays music for hip kids.

Hot off the presses

Fri, Jun 22nd 6:27am

Mississippi Library Tour

If you have friends in these big burgs, please let them know Mr Richard is on his way:
Monday, June 25: Leggett Library, Bassfield MS; 2pm
Tuesday, June 26: Allen Library, Booneville MS; 10:30am
Tuesday, June 26: Bryan Library, West Point MS; 2pm
Tuesday, June 26: Bruce City Library, Bruce MS; 6pm
Wednesday, June 27: Pontotoc County Library, Pontotoc MS; 10am
Thursday, June 28: Myrtle Library, Myrtle MS; 12pm
Thursday, June 28: Union Library, New Albany MS; 3pm
Friday, June 29: Itawamba County Library, Fulton MS; 1pm
Fri, Jun 22nd 6:22am

Teatime Dance Party

Friday, July 6th @ 10:00am @ Infusion Tea in College Park-- Mr Richard provides the tunes, you do the dancing!
Fri, Jun 22nd 6:21am

Dr Phillips Barnes & Noble

Musical Storytime with Mr Richard Saturday, July 7th @ 10:30am in the Children's Dept; followed by regular storytime with book and craft.
Fri, Jun 22nd 6:20am

Evening Teatime

Infusion Tea features Mr Richard for Evening Teatime Monday, July 9th @ 6:00pm for dinner and dancing--see you there!
Fri, Jun 8th 5:08pm

Cow Appreciation Day @ CFA

Mr Richard is back at Chick-Fil-A in Waterford Lakes on Tuesday, July 10 @ 11:00am for some dancing and chicken and what-not for Cow Appreciation Day. Dress like a cow!